Climbing stuff

My friend sent me this story the other day. Incredible read about Antarctic explorers. I can’t imagine too many situations scarier or more impossible than trekking through the Antarctic. Maybe climbing Everest or being in an malfunctioning submarine/ space shuttle.

Reminded me of a podcast interview I listened to a few months ago with a professional heavy duty racer. She runs like 200-300 miles through deserts and other crazy terrains as a side hobby. In one 300 mile race, this lady beat the second place dude by 8 hours (and the rest of the field by DAYS). The coolest part of the interview was how she talked about how she’s athletic but not world class. When asked about her diet, she said she likes eating pizza and beers, especially after races when her body probably needs something better. No keto, no carbo loads, no vegetarian, no nothing. She just trains really hard. During the races, she hallucinates from exhaustion but keeps going because the waves of pain will pass.

Anyways, that same friend texted me yesterday saying he ran 7 miles at a 7:00 ish pace after not having run since May. I responded saying yeah for sure, it’s all in the head because it really is.

Mental fortitude has been top of mind with the Olympics and everything. It’s still a secret dream of mine to compete in the Games because it is the ultimate test of mental competition.

Most people are capable of way, WAY more than the level they are performing at. It really sucks knowing that very few of us ever reach that level. People just give up and chalk it up to life. Not looking down on those who knowingly make that choice (that’s for them to cope with); I’m talking about people who were never fortunate enough to dream. A great leader/ group of exciting people/ proof of possibilities brought by slight insanity can help bring that out… I want to see good individuals I know, groups they are part of, and the world as a whole clear unreachable levels. Aside from seeing my parents and sister laugh with joy, nothing makes me happier than witnessing the delight of someone who does something they did not think they would ever do. It drives me to help and encourage and motivate. I’m so hype writing this. Can’t wait to climb things with people like my buddy.



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