Corruption Abroad

Listened to this podcast on my drive to work today. It’s about Chinese corruption in Africa.

It’d be awesome to work abroad, especially in an Asian nation. My friend who got me listening to this podcast spent a year living in China during college, and I love hearing his stories about how crazy things are there. There’s so much happening, and I love the challenge of being in unimaginable situations. I got a taste of wanderlust while traveling with that friend last summer and might want to live and work abroad at some point in my twenties.

Whenever I mention this to my parents, it perplexes them on some level. Why, after immigrating to the States and working so, so hard to try and achieve the “American dream”, would I leave? But at the end of the day, they get it. It’s a conflict that both my parents and I struggle with. The tension between immediate security and the insane life that could result from continued exposure to uncomfortable experiences. We know the right thing is to take the long view, delay gratification and focus on living for breadth + depth of experiences, wisdom, and other people. But it takes daily inoculations of discomfort and doubt. And a ton of patience and optimism to counteract them.

Anyways, I’m going to keep revisiting this, but it’s more important than ever to have a global mind because the speed and strength of connection across borders is continuing to increase.


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