Brain Science with Ginger Campbell

Brain science with Ginger Campbell is one of my favorite podcasts. Dr. Campbell basically brings leading neuroscientists/ others who study the brain onto the show to talk about their latest work. It’s different from podcasts like Hidden Brain or Naked Neuroscience because she always tries to dig into the details of her guests’ work rather than talking about a broad, buzzy topic or trying to be entertaining. Her goal is to really educate and inspire people to learn more about the field.

I listened to this recent episode on my commute this morning and lost focus at times because my car’s transmission is freaking out again. So I’m not actually sure what the details are. Anyways, it features Rodrigo Quian Quiroga and is about his studies of the mechanics of memory and perception. Dr. Quiroga’s ideas get into some of the main reasons human brains are different from animals, many of which stem from the fact that our brains are focused on learning and recreating meaning, not recording memories. I’d assume they got into some of what makes our memories so highly malleable.

It sounded like a cool discussion, and I’ll try to give it another listen and add to this. Wanted to post the link at the very least.



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