How Bees Make Honey

Posted this elsewhere a while back but here it is if anyone else has always wondered too.

Had this thought a couple years ago and kept it as a thing I could just wonder about. Was proud of myself for having a profound question, but I guess I just forgot they teach everyone in elementary school how the process works:

  1. Bee finds flower
  2. It sucks nectar out of the flower into a second storage stomach
  3. After bringing the nectar back to the hive, it passes it onto a chain of bees that chew and pass, chew and pass.
  4. As they chew, some enzyme stuff happens (link).
  5. Once it’s ready, they place a wax cap on it so it’s stored and ready to go.
  6. The flavor and stuff like texture of the honey depend on the type of flower the bees frequent.
  7. Honey doesn’t really spoil so maybe stock up if you’re a doomsday prepper. Or if you think bees will continue to mysteriously die out.



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