Project Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of my sauna/ jail cell/ recording studio apartment that I built for the Unity/ C# class I’m taking. Haven’t updated the git repository yet (a couple objects in the original version are floating and misaligned).

When viewing this through Google Cardboard, the lens + your eyes combine the two sides (the stereoscopic view) to create one picture. You can click a button to start and stop spinning the big globe. I shrank the globe in the final version, but here it’s huge.

Starting some scripting to animate objects and whatnot. Continuing to gain a deeper appreciation for the painstaking detail that has to go into all of this. Reminds of this temporary Pixar exhibit I saw in Korea last summer. It gave an inside look into the whole process – the awesome thing about creating virtual scenes/ animation etc. is you can create every detail. The downside is you have to create every detail.



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