A Pattern Language

Highly recommend A Pattern Language. It’s about design patterns in architecture/ building/ planning – why things are the way they are, why environments feel the way they do, etc. Extremely mind-blowing. I can’t say much more about it because I’ve only read the first few pages, but I can already tell it’s a work of genius (or meticulously organized, deep knowledge at the very least). I’ll update this post with takeaways after I’ve finished it… which should be soon because it was overdue yesterday and a bunch of people have it on hold :/

On that note, I’ve been getting my books at the public library. I know I post the Amazon links to books, but I think everyone should renew/ get a public library card. It saves money and space on the bookshelf. These days, I only buy books after I’ve read them and like them enough to add to the collection.

Or read in the library itself, an environment like no other. One of life’s greatest pleasures is sitting down in a corner cushion at the library and leaving 4 hours later knowing something we didn’t know before.




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