Short Stories

This short story called “No More Maybe” broke my heart. It’s about a pregnant Chinese American woman, her husband, and what happens when her in-laws come to visit.

Highlighted excerpt:

“Still, to keep up with her my father-in-law moves things around. [rest of paragraph]. Now we cannot find anything and have to walk around the bookcase to go out.

He wants to clean everything, too.

‘No need, no need!’ we say. ‘Everything is clean already!’

But still he cleans the fridge. Then he cleans the stove. Then he cleans the microwave. Next he fixes the bicycles.”

The ol’ expression by action: wringing out the socks until they are too stretched, hand scrubbing the delicate shirt that won’t fit well anymore after he’s done with it. What can you do?

Love the end of the story too but I’ll leave it for everyone to read.

Stories like this surface memories and experiences I’m growing to treasure. They are effervescent, painful, hilarious, poignant, and immeasurably beautiful.

Anyways, short stories are one of my favorite types of reading, so if anyone reads a good one, let’s trade recs.



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