Terry Crews

This is one my favorite Tim Ferriss episodes of all time. Posting for some Monday inspiration.

Terry Crews is entertaining and inspiring. He works extremely hard. People probably know he played in the NFL before doing his thing in show biz, but most don’t know that he also creates phenomenal artwork in his spare time. True Renaissance man.

He’s super open about dark times he’s had in his life as well as his shortcomings and insecurities. Mr. Crews doesn’t come from much and had fractured times growing up, but now he’s a legend.

Reminds me of a couple conversations I’ve had recently about Angela Duckworth’s grit. I saw her speak at school once (she’s a Penn professor) and was not particularly wowed. Not criticizing – I think she’s great – but I’ve always been surprised at how novel people perceive her ideas to be. Maybe it’s the way I grew up/ the attitude my parents live with, but to me it’s always been clear “innate talent” is infinitely less important than deliberate, dedicated work + grit 99% of the time. I love seeing this reflected in kids I knew growing up. Recently, I’ve seen many people who were quieter/ late bloomers/ not obviously “talented” post amazing things they’ve written, created, or done in general on Facebook. It’s fantastic seeing them thrive.

Anyways, my favorite part of the podcast is when Terry Crews says something along the lines of “you live the life that you want.” Listen if you’re in the mood to get the chills.





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