Built a Maze

Link to a recent project. For some reason, the final build may not have made it on this commit… still getting used to using git. If it’s not there right now, I’ll have it up soon.

The specs included building a maze replete with collectible items (that disappear when the user looks at + clicks on them), a hidden key, and a door that leads to the treasure and a scene-reloading mechanism.

This was the first project that required a fair amount of scripting (moving through the maze, animations, audio, physics, locked/opened door, etc.), and it was pretty fun seeing some different things you can do in Unity.

Getting a better feel for tradeoffs that need to be made for optimizing on mobile and my below-average PC. General learnings regarding design/ development also. Let me know if you’re playing around with similar stuff and want to chat.

Here’s a screenshot of the beginning.

Screenshot Cropped



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